List of Works at Maine State Library
by Rev. Charles N SINNETT 1847-1929.

The Rev Charles N SINNETT compiled many genealogical studies on families of
his home town in Maine from the his residence in the mid-west.  Take care
when using his information as most of this information was compiled by mail
but his works should not be over looked  for clues.
They are a real must see if one is researching Cumberland County families.
Only a small part of his compilation has been published & his collections
can be found at the Maine State Library, Maine Historical Society in
Portland, Maine, & the New York City Library.  

Virginia T Merrill of Solon, ME has retyped some of his works, indexing them
& gave a copy to the Maine State Library.

SURNAME: ADAMS Family 8 pages (Brunswick & Bath, ME) ADDITION Family 10p of Harspwell, ME ALEXANDER Family of Topsham, ME ALLEN of Maine 44p ANDERSON ANDREW 16p of Pownalboro, Brunswick & Wales, ME BABB 10p BAILEY MA & ME BAKER 41p of Yarmouth, Mass & Litchfield, ME BEMIS Family of Maine 7p BISHOP: families of Maine 16p BRANN: Genealogy page 20 BRITT: Family of Maine 7l BATES Family 11p BLAKE of Harpswell 54p BRYERYHURST of Bowdoin BUKER Family of Bowdoin CHASE: family 25p COOMBS: Family of Bellingham, Mass 23p CAMPBELL 15p CARD Genealogy CARR CLARK CLOUGH of Durham, ME COFFIN of Freeport COTTON DARLING od Casco Bay DAY DOUGHTY Family 25p DOPP: Family 19p DOUGLASS DOYLE DRESSER EATON: family 67p EASTMAN EWING FARNHAM: Genealogy 12p FARRAR: p 16 FISH FARRIN: 8p FROST: Maj Wm Frost of Topsham 6p FULTON GUPTILL: Gen. 31p GARDINER of Harswell GERRISH GIVEN HALL: Genealogy 28p HASKELL: 95p HALEY HAM HALLIDAY - See PARKER HARRINGTON HATHORN HENRY HIGGINS HINCKLEY HOLBROOK HUNT JACK JOHNSON of Harpswell KINCAID Family LEAVITT of Harpswell LEAMONT LINSCOTT LITTLEJOHN MALLETT MARINER MARTIN MAXWELL MAYO of Harpswell McKEEN MEADER MERRILL of New Gloucester & Lee, ME MERRYMAN of Harpswell METCALF MOORE MORGRAGE NELSON ORR OTIS OWEN PARKER - PENNELL PINKHAM POTTER PURINGTON PREBLE PERRY QUINT REED RICH RIDLEY RIGGS RING RODICK RIDEOUT ROGERS SAMPSON SCRIBNER SEWALL SILVER SINNETT SMALL of Harpswell SNOW SPRINGER STAPLES STARBIRD SWIFT SYLVESTER TEBBETTS THOMPSON THWING WARE WARNER - see PARKER WEBBER WILLIAMS WILSON WOODSIDE WHITMORE Families 24p Town Histories: Historic Harpswell, Me 1903 19p This is not a complete list. It anyone has additions please send to or P.O. Box 152, Danville, ME 04223

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