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Dedicated to the Union Civil War Veterans

This Homepage has been developed to advance the understanding of the great Civil War veterans organization, the GAR. Both descriptive and source information will be presented to assist those interested in the important activities of these veterans during a most formative period of the United States. Collectors of GAR memorabilia will be given insight into the various badges, ribbons, unit I.D.'s , photographs, uniforms, and many other areas of collecting and research.



Brief History of the Early GAR


GAR Officer Badge


GAR Uniforms


GAR Museum Collections


Tracing a Veteran through GAR Records

GAR Membership Badge



Links to other GAR related sites


GAR National Encampment Badge 


Post Ribbon and Badge


GAR Halls


A GAR Post in Lima, Peru?


The Civil War Veteran Historical Association

Grand Army of the Republic State Departments

If you know of a Grand Army of the Republic state department web page that is not yet linked below please email the URL so it may be included on this page. Thank you.


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California Colorado Connecticut Delaware
District of Columbia Florida Georgia Hawaii
Idaho Illinois Indiana Iowa
Kansas Kentucky Louisiana Maine
Maryland Massachusetts Michigan Minnesota
Mississippi Missouri Montana Nebraska
Nevada New Hampshire New Jersey New Mexico
New York North Carolina North Dakota Ohio
Oklahoma Oregon Pennsylvania Rhode Island
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Utah Vermont Virginia Washington
West Virginia Wisconsin Wyoming

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